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ReDoos' Story

Dreaming big since day one, we’ve architected a scalable private ride share community that’s ready to expand across the United States and beyond. From our initial launch in the D.C. metro area to planned expansion into every major traffic hub across the globe, we are ready to help riders like you find like-minded neighbors and professionals that want to be a part of the solution to congested traffic, environmental impact, regaining lost productivity, and improving quality of life by reducing the overall cost of commuting.

Apply to join today and start earning rewards and perks to ride and unlock high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes for quicker commutes. For qualifying members, you’ll be able to start earning right away and build towards exclusive membership perks, like profit sharing and travel rewards.

we hope you share our

Mission & Vision

There are a few simple principles and beliefs that define our purpose. Here’s a few we hope you share:

  • Life is better when you get to and from work quicker
  • Productivity goes up when you spend less time in stressful traffic jams
  • For every car we take off the road, an entire community improves
  • The greatest environmental impact can be made when change is easy and rewarding
  • Cash is better spent enjoying experiences than on transportation costs
  • Private ride sharing with vetted riders is safer, more reliable, and more comfortable for all parties

Sound good? We think so too. With the amount of decisions every person has to make on a daily basis, we’re here to give you an easy choice: start ReDoos-ing today.

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