Opening the Bottleneck

Opening the bottleneck

America, we have a traffic problem

More than two-thirds of Americans drive alone to work every day. It’s no surprise that for most, transportation is the second-highest average expense after housing.

Keep digging, and you’ll discover the costs of transportation run much deeper than car expenses and gas: thirty of America’s most severe urban bottlenecks impose about 91 million hours of delay on drivers each year—the equivalent to 45,500 person-work years. The lost value of time to the economy from congestion in just this handful of locations is in the upwards of $2.4 billion annually.

For most, solving the existence of those bottlenecks and reducing transportation costs may not appear to be within reach. Those living in suburbs or on the outskirts of most major metro areas may not have access to public transportation—to say nothing of how well it may or may not function within the region.

Ride sharing or hailing services may not offer much in the way of a solution either. While ride sharing may be a possible money-saver for those living close to their workplaces, most don’t share the luxury of having a short enough commute to justify ditching your car for full-time ride hailing. You can use popular calculators, like Ride or Drive, to test for yourself.

With most seeing no way of improving their current work commute, many are resigned to their fate. With the launch of ReDoos, we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way.

The ReDoos Way

What if we told you there was a way to recapture the lost productivity from sitting in traffic jams, shrink your carbon footprint, slash the cost of car ownership, and shave precious time off of your daily commute? 

Does that sound like a pipe dream? If you’re sitting around waiting for a public transit solution or typical ride hailing app to do that for you, then maybe it is.

That’s where ReDoos comes in. We’re here to empower communities to be able to do all the aforementioned for themselves. How? Simply by getting you connected and carpooling with your neighbors, coworkers, and nearby commuters along similar routes. Oh, and the added bonus is that whether you’re riding or driving, you’ll earn points you can exchange for great rewards, like gas cards, travel rewards, free coffee, and many more. 

Our private rideshare membership community is growing one metro area at a time. For qualifying members, they’ll instantly be able to find other safe, background-checked members to connect with to start carpooling and sharing rides to popular destinations, like your local airport.

Standing out from the pack

Unlike other ride share platforms, we present an equitable platform for riders and drivers alike: no money changes hands, profits aren’t siphoned from drivers, and we’re not here to keep drivers on the street. In fact, popular services like Uber and Lyft have accomplished the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve—they have managed to make traffic worse.

Rather than be structured to incentivize drivers to stay on the road, we offer those that choose to drive for the day dramatically increased rewards per drive. In other words, we’re just making your commute to work a little easier with unlocking access to quick;y-moving HOV lanes, building relationships that can help you sustainably reduce expenses, and sweetening the pot with useful rewards to treat yourself.

Does that sound like a plan you can get behind? Great, we thought so too. Sign up for our mailing list to learn more about our private rideshare expanding into your metro area.

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