Exclusive Northern VA & DC Beta Test Offer: 2020 free ReWards points*

ReDoos has launched in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. We’re offering early testers an exclusive deal: 2020 points and waived membership fees through our initial beta test.

* Points redeemable upon completion of our beta test and creation of a ReDoos membership.


How it Works

  1. Submit your application to sign up, based on your location and successfully passing a third-party independent background check, you’ll be able to become a member or ReDoos.

  2. Once you’ve installed the ReDoos app on your iOS or Android device, you’ll be able to pair with riders taking similar commutes to and from work, airports, events, and more.

  3. Once paired with another ReDoos member, you’ll be able to plan rides in advance, take impromptu trips, and start lowering your transportation costs right away.

  4. For every ride, both passengers and drivers earn ReWards points proportional to the amount carbon emissions saved on that ride. Those points can then be exchanged for exclusive perks and rewards!

Ride Green

Lower Emissions

For every ride shared, we remove one car from congested highways

Lower maintenance

Reduce reliance on tires, oil, and other components whose manufacture creates pollution

Create Community

Connect with a community of like-minded, environmentally conscious riders in your area

Save Money

Spend less on transportation with ReDoos and keep a little extra green in your pocket!

North VA & DC's first private rideshare

We are launching ReDoos in North Virginia and the greater DC area, focusing first on decongesting Virginia’s Route 28 and a handful of commute routes from North Virginia to inside the Capital Beltway. Sign up for early access to our exclusive private rideshare community. 

When you ride or drive with ReDoos, you’ll earn ReWards points for every pound of carbon emissions saved as you ride. You’ll then be able to convert your points into exclusive saving and perks.

Get Started

Sign Up & Ride

Ready to ride? Get the latest updates on ReDoos availability and offers in your area.

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